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PETA Calls For Probe Into Alleged Animal Abuse On Film Sets

Six months after HBO canceled its racetrack drama “Luck” in the wake of three horse deaths, questions continue be raised about whether there is adequate oversight of horses and animals used on movies and TV shows.

The latest dispute has pitted the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which is opposed to use of any live animals on film sets, against the American Humane Assn., a nonprofit group responsible for the “no animals were harmed” credits on films and TV shows. The group monitors more than 2,000 productions that use animal performers and is partly funded by the Screen Actors Guild.

PETA To Recruit Whistleblowers At Ringling Bros. Clown Tryouts

PETA will hand the prospective Ringling applicants whistleblower-recruitment leaflets, in the hope that they will report instances of elephant beatings and other acts of animal abuse for which the circus is notorious. In return, PETA will pay whistleblowers $5,000 for evidence that leads to the conviction of a guilty party. Ringling trains, disciplines, and punishes elephants and other animals using electric prods, whips, chains, and bullhooks, weapons that resemble a fireplace poker with a sharp metal hook.

Tiger Escapes, Kills Keeper In German Zoo

A tiger escaped its enclosure at Cologne Zoo in western Germany on Saturday and killed a female keeper before being shot dead by the zoo’s director, police said.

The tiger slipped through a passage between the enclosure and an adjacent storage building, where it fatally attacked the 43-year-old keeper.

One more reason Vegan Daily News advocates protecting habitats, not creating animal prisons. Instead of patronizing zoos, you can help animals by supporting organizations that work to protect captive animals from exploitation and preserve habitats.

Victory! Baby Elephant To Be Taken Away From Abusers

There is exciting news about Sunder, an abused baby elephant who has captured the hearts of people worldwide, including Paul McCartney. Thanks to the ceaseless work of PETA India and PETA-supported Animal Rahat, Indian officials today issued an order that Sunder - who is covered with wounds from beatings and whose eye was injured with a bullhook - is to be taken from the temple where he has been held captive in spiked chains and placed in the custody of the forestry department.

If you are interested in more about this story, see our posts here and here

Groupon Warned To Stop Deceptive Claims About Circuses

A lawyer for the PETA Foundation has fired off a letter to Andrew Mason, CEO of online discount-certificate company Groupon, demanding that the company immediately stop issuing false and misleading statements about several cruel circuses it profits from promoting. While Groupon states publicly that the circuses it promotes “must have clean USDA and public record inspection reports from at least the past 2 years,” USDA inspection reports indicate that most of the circuses Groupon has recently promoted have been cited numerous times for violating the Animal Welfare Act…

Animal Rights Activists Push For Exotic Pet Ban In Las Vegas

Hundreds of exotic animals are estimated to be living in the Las Vegas area, even though Clark County has only issued 14 permits to keep such creatures. Many in Las Vegas are calling for an exotic animal ban after the recent escape of two chimpanzees in a residential area.

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