High-Fat Dairy May Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk For Women, Study Finds

Women who have ever had breast cancer might want to walk away from the brie, the butter and the black cherry (and every other flavor) ice cream.

According to a study of 1,893 women, breast cancer survivors who average as little as one serving per day of high-fat dairy foods have a 49 percent higher risk of dying from breast cancer than those who eat little or no high-fat dairy.

In absolute terms, breast cancer survivors who consumed the most high-fat dairy had about a 12 percent risk of dying of the disease.

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  7. purismdiaries said: Yes, animal fat and protein cause cancer. But so does margarine and (a bit more controversially) some soy products. I’m vegan too and I appreciate what you’re doing but just so you know it’s not one sided if you didn’t already.
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